Press release Avina

A new era for Avina Stiftung

Stephan Schmidheiny hands over as President to his wife, Viktoria Schmidheiny

Having reached the statutory retirement age of 70, the Founder and President of Avina Stiftung, Dr. Stephan Schmidheiny, is stepping down from his position as President. The Board of Trustees has elected his wife, Dr. Viktoria Schmidheiny, as his successor. This change marks the end of an era for Avina Stiftung, which Stephan Schmidheiny established in 1994 and has served as its President ever since. He set up and developed the foundation as a charitable organisation run in accordance with sound business principles, making Avina Stiftung a global pioneer in this respect. The Avina Stiftung Board of Trustees has the highest regard for Stephan Schmidheiny and his visionary and inspirational work for social causes. It greatly appreciates the fact that his family will retain their close ties with the foundation, and that it will be able to take his ideas forward under Viktoria Schmidheiny’s leadership.